This is for anyone who is not feeling well, 
is frustrated with the insurance industry
and is tired of waiting for the Doctor to figure out what’s wrong with you-
Here’s 3 things that will help you tremendously!
1.  Know and remember that inside you is an innate power that is designed to be healthy-
With that in mind, here’s 2 things you can do to access your powerful innate :
2. Take care of your gut health!
Your gut is your second brain and affects every aspect of your health-
* eliminate or at least cut way back on the bad stuff- sugar and processed foods.
That means stop drowning your poor coffee with sugar and other flavored toxins
That also means cut out the processed bakery items- breads, pastas, crackers
*add pre and probiotics to your diet daily along with gut healing foods like bone broth.
3.  Manage your stress-  you can be the healthiest eater and exercise every day- but it won’t mean a thing if you don’t deal with stress properly.
I could go on and on about specific details with each of these steps-
but I want to keep it simple-
These are the 3 things you MUST incorporate in your Daily life in order to get your health back.
It’s Not hard-
Going to war on the front line is hard
Watching a loved one die is hard
Raising your kids alone when your spouse dies is hard
Not eating crap for a couple weeks is NOT hard- 
Do it and I guarantee you will feel a huge improvement in your health no matter what you’re body is fighting.
I dare you to try it and prove me wrong……
If you need personal help with any of these steps, please call me.  I’m here to help!
Getting healthy and staying healthy does NOT have to be difficult or take a lot of time.
Dr. Whalen