A favorite therapy of mine:



It’s also an essay by Henry David Thoreau

published in 1862


Henry talks about the importance of nature and that mankind needs to stay connected to nature.

He believed that people were becoming more and more entrenched in society and its complexities.

And this was back in the 1800’s!

I wonder what he would think about us in 2019!


Henry wrote about walking as a spiritual and self reflective act, that allows you to learn who you are

and find those aspects of yourself that have been chipped away by society and the daily grind.


When was the last time You took a walk?

A real walk?

30 min or more, among nature, in a park, on a beach, in the woods….


Walking is therapy

for the mind,


and soul.


It’s the best thing for a low back problem.

 It’s easy, available and free!  


Are you convinced yet to take a walk today?

If so, tell me where and for how long-

Did you self reflect?


Today is a perfect day for a walk! 

Give it a go!


Proving that getting healthy does NOT have to be hard, expensive or take a lot of time-

Sincerely, Dr. Whalen